Why does enabling wireless Guest Mode or Wireless/SSID Isolation prevent CC connections?

Wireless/SSID isolation and guest mode are two different techniques for securing a wireless network. Although the details are different, they both prevent wireless devices from connecting to computers connected by a wire, and in many cases prevent wireless devices from connecting to another wireless device.

If wireless isolation is enabled then wireless devices will be able to connect only to the internet. They will not be able to connect to other wireless devices or to wired devices. This increases the security of your network by preventing anyone who "eavesdrops" on your network from getting into other computers. As a consequence, CC will be unable to connect to calibre.

If guest networking is enabled then wireless devices connected to the guest network will be prevented from connecting to computers on the non-guest network(s). In some routers, the guest network also contains wireless isolation, in that wireless devices cannot see each other even if both are on the guest network. The cabled networks are almost always considered non-guest. Using guest networking makes it easier to allow friends to access your network without giving them the keys to the city, but CC on a device connected to a guest network will not be able to connect to calibre. 

To make life more interesting, some routers isolate the wireless bands from each other. If this feature is turned on then devices on the 5ghz band will not be able to connect to devices on the 2.4ghz band. Generally both bands can connect to wired networks unless either wireless isolation or guest mode is turned on.

Charles Haley
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